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Tools of the Trade
By Jerry Matta

Working on motorcycles could require hundreds of specialized tools, but working with XR100's requires a select few that I've tried to narrow down. These tools will make any job go a lot smoother with less headaches.  I kept the list to simple hand tools that can be made or purchased for under $75. What is absent from this list are basic machining tools which most people may or may not have such as: a mig welder, lathe, mill, drill press.

  1. Engine stand for working on the motor in an upright position.  Good for working on cylinder and head, along with the clutch, shift shaft, etc.

  2. Engine stand for working on motor on its side, mainly on the transmission and crank.

  3. Honda shock spring removal tool for twin shockers. A must have tool for early bikes, especially XR75's.  

  4. Anti-seize lubricant: This is a must on all bolts.  This keeps them from seizing together, which makes it a nightmare to disassemble.

  5. Inner blind bearing removal tool.  A very homemade tool for taking that one bearing out in the trans that you can't punch out.  

  6. Gasgacinch: A must for head gaskets, even base gaskets.

  7. 6 x 1.0 tap: You need to have a metric tap and die set. My 6.0 never leaves the t-handle.

  8. Valve Spring compressor: the name says it all.  This is a Pep Boys special that has been modified to work on XR100's.

  9. Honing tool. For cleaning up the cylinder.

  10.  Flywheel removal tool: I'm sure everyone that has a points ignition has been through two or three of these.

  11. Pandora or something play through a speaker system or bluetooth.  If you are going to be stuck in your garage all day and most of the night, you will definitely need music.

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