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.8" More Travel on '86 - '00 Stockers
By Jerry Matta


Need more travel?  We all do, except for the Aussie's who have 10.5 inches, but that's another story. Here's what we have hoped would be a simple solution for .8" more travel.  If you noticed, the '01 and later stocker's have .8" more travel, but the same shock.  The difference is the linkage rods and the triangle part of the linkage.  You can buy both assemblies.  Here are the part numbers: 52465-KN4-A60 for the shock assy.  (triangle piece)  and 52475-KN4-A60 for the linkage rod assy.  .8 " might not sound like all that much, but when you start with only 4.7", that is almost 17%.  Now that is significant.  

*THIS DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do Not Try!!

If someone has made it work by machining parts, please email me instructions and pictures at

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