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Aussie Lift 
By Jerry Matta

OK, the secrets out.  After years of emails and procrastination I'm finally letting the world in on the Aussie lift made famous by Chris and Dan Alamengos.  It's quite simple really.  All you do is cut and pivot the linkage mount on the frame 11mm -
 15mm up.  The more you move it the more travel it makes. However, you can only go so far because you won't be able to get the bolt in. In fact, if you notice, they cut the down tube and welded a spacer, which is big enough to allow an allen head bolt to keep the linkage in place.  They also added gussets to strengthen the mount.  That's it.  If you check out the pictures, you should be able to copy it.  It's pretty basic, but just make sure you can still get the linkage bolt in an out when you do it.  After a few of these jobs done, 11mm seemed like the ticket, with a decent increase in travel and the location of everything.  Now throw on a pair of decent forks and your ready to double all those jumps everyone else was doing.

The following pics are from Daniel Zink from Thumper Talk. (Nice Job!!)

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