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CR/XR200 Conversion
by Jerry Matta

Now that I finished my conversion, I thought I would post a pic.  I'm still working on the suspension.  So how is it? The first  thing that stands out is the power and I mean power!  It can easily run with big bikes from corner to corner.  I've literally pulled 125's, and can keep up with 250's.  This is mainly on small to medium straights.  I did ride at the Glen Helen BBR mini National and the one thing I learned is that I can't ride that track to save my life.  But it did pull all other CRF150's everywhere.  However I did break third gear.  The big uphill, it was no problem, even from a dead stop at the bottom.  The suspension is getting dialed more and more, the one problem I had was my bottom triple clamp bolts were too tight and the pinched the fork leg causing the fork to feel harsh.  After I set them at 13 lbs, it's like night and day from where they were. Next after that would be the top triple clamp.  Being that the frame is taller and longer than stock, it needs a triple clamp that is higher and more forward.  Want one?  Call Dave Miller at (714) 777-4084.

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