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Tepco Cycle Repair

Published on Jul 12, 2013


Here is how to fix your hard cold start problem. Assuming your carb is clean and gas is good, this will fix the start problem. Yamaha put a tiny hole for the gas the go through to get to the choke circuit at the bottom of the bowl. The problem is that thats where all the dirt and grime goes to when the bike sits clogging this hole. So you are basically starting your bike with the choke off if the hole is clogged. That's why it will eventually start and seems to run fine after its warm. You're basically warming it up by kicking it.. Remember the goal is not to make the hole bigger, its just to clean it out and be sure its flowing freely. Do this fix and get back to riding and enjoying your bike. GoPro Hero3 silver edition 720 30fps


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I don't know this guy or affiliated with Tepco.  But it's good video, with some good important issue.  But, YES you still need to change your jets.

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