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*Tech Tip*


--- Fork Stem Bearing Fix

Have you ever had to take your older stock XR100, XR80, XR75 forks off for any reason and then have those pesky bearings fall all over the place? Then, when you round them all up, you can't remember if there should be 20 or 21.  Even if you find all of them, they're contaminated with dirt, which causes you have to go through the trouble of cleaning them. And to top it off, when you try to put them back in, you end up dropping a few more. If this sounds familiar, then this is for you.  Call up your local Honda dealer and order part number HP 53210-GS9-003, it's a caged fork bearing for a 2001 XR100 (and probably few other models).  It slips perfectly into any XR100, 80, or 75 and say good bye to all those loose bearings once and for all. 

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