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My Bike Just Stopped

By Jerry Matta

Have you ever been riding and have you bike run perfect one minute, then sputter, cough, and not rev the next minute.  Even though it may seem like the flywheel slipped, 95 times out of 100 your pilot jet is clogged.  Just pull your carb, undo the three little screws and take a medium size flat head and take out the pilot.  It's a good idea to check the float bowl for dirt. With Carb or Brake cleaner spray the jet and the float bowl.  When your done blow through the pilot and look through it to make sure it's still not clogged.  Bolt it back together (don't forget the splash guard) and start it up.  If it runs fine and revs good, check your air filter and see why there's dirt in your carb.  Then fix that too.

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