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Project Stocker:
By Jerry Matta

In the middle of building three other bikes, I decided to do a full stock XR100 transformation.  So over the months I will be posting pics of my 97' stocker as it progresses to the ultimate in stock fun.  I will also be listing a description of the modifications.  As you can see, I already have an DMC cradle, and a cool little fork brace.  

Project Stocker Part Duex:

Well after many months of neglect I'm finally going finish this article.  My stocker is pretty much finished (has been since March).  As you can see from the pics below, I basically kept only the essentials: forks, wheels, swingarm, etc.  Everything else that wasn't 2001, I replaced with 2001 stuff.  You can do the same thing with any '85 - 2000 stocker.  Here's a list of what I did:

1. New head
2. CDI Ignition 
3. Clutch
4. Carb
5.  2001 Pipe (a must for conversion)
6.  New case hardware (hex heads) Rolling Chasis
1.  2001 Frame (powder coated red)
2.  2001 Plastic 
3.  2001 Tank w/ shrouds
4.  2001 seat
5.  Works Performance shock
6.  Early CR80 forks w/ triple clamps
7.  2001 Bars, perches, levers, etc.

Extra Stuff

1.  DMC cradle (already had)
2.  Baja Designs Lighting kit (Head light is off)
3.  Acerbis hand guards
4. Fineline valving on forks
5.  Re-zinc all hardware

What's next?  DMC pipe, Texas stocker kit (shh), Ausie lift kit 

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