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My CR/XR 148cc Mad Makeover

By Jerry Matta

The other week me and Dan Alamangos got into it. We were battling on the little track at milestone when he was following me super close through a left hand corner.  On the exit as i was shifting up when the primary gear on my main shaft broke and I bogged the bike big time.  Dan was pinned behind and couldn't stop and clipped me.  His leg got caught between his rear tire and swingarm and was folded back breaking four bones in his foot and severely dislocated his big toe.  I got some bruised ribs and a bottom end I need to take apart to fix the transmission.  So I replaced the primary gear with the tons of transmission parts I have ince no one buys used trannies off ebay and I put on a nice powder coated clutch cover I was pretty happy because the motor was going together nice and it was looking pretty clean.  As I was ready to install the cylinder that I just spent 20 minutes cleaning, I was just about to start putting it together, when i noticed a piece of hair on the skirt.  Well, it wasn't a piece of hair, it was a hairline crack!!!!! That cylinder was a sleeved and bored cylinder that takes a couple weeks and some big dollars to replace.  It was a 58mm and I didn't want to go backwards with a 57mm piston, so I called Chris at BBR and ordered a complete big bore kit.  I'm running a Powroll stroker so it'll need a little machining to work.  Then, I was thinking, "this is my only mod and I'm never going to sell so let's add a few more things.  So I went on to the interweb and ordered graphics, a seat cover, and the I went to Webike and got a Shift-up head, Takegawa clutch cover, and a secret other part that you can't see. 


My tired mod

The graphics are off and ready for some MXdN Graphics from Factory Effex.


Shift Up Head

I decided to upgrade the head with a Shift Up head from Webike.


BBR Cylinder

Chris from BBR hooked my up with a cylinder.


Bigger is not Better

Takegawa weighs in at 1.23 lbs.n which is less than half of stock.


Teddy Roczen the JDM super dog.

Teddy gives approval of this Mad JDM Mod.


Pile Gear!!!

The cause of Dan's demise.  That, and following too close. 


Big Valves!!!

The valves are pretty big. Let's just hope it works.


Takegawa Clutch Cover!

Not only is it shiney, but now I have an oil filter and eventually I'' plumb some oil lines for a XR400 oil cooler.


Takegawa Ignition

The stator is wired for lights and the advance is adjustable.


Pile Cylinder!

The crack is quite apparent after pulling on it.  The other side had a crack too.  


Small Exhaust port

Contrary to popular belief, a smaller exhaust port is the ticket.


Takegawa Flywheel

Stock vs. Takegawa 


Wiring it up.

The ignition comes with 5 wires.  For a typical XR/CRF 100 installation, the blue and black are used.  It is necessary to extend both of them. 

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