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Project CRF120

By Jerry Matta

I didn't take any of the build pics, but here is a list of the mods:

1. Powder Coated frame, swingarm, case covers, triple clamps, valve cover, kickstand, and chain guide.

2. BBR springs

3. BBR 120 kit

4. Web Cam 69/68 grind

5. Yoshimura exhaust

6. Ebay footpegs

7. Ebay graphics (Australia) 

8. 200x carb.  (still needs jetting)

9. Opened up airbox

10. Zinced bolts, axles, etc.



The latest update: I'm going to update the suspension with TTR125 forks and disc, plus add a custom rear shock with a remote reservoir  and clickers.  This is going to take a while, so I will hope give another update in a month or two with at least the forks installed.

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