My DRZ125 Project

With some inspiration from Aussie Chris and some luck, I decided to build an awesome highly modified DRZ125.    The first bit of luck came when I found a DRZ125 for say for pretty cheap.   it already had KX85 suspension, 150 kit (I think), a BBR Cradle, and a BBR pipe.  I don't remember what I paid, but it was a grand or less.  Then within a week or two, I found a super sano 1986 DR200 for cheap as well.  I was on the fence between buying the 200 or getting a 187cc big bore kit.  I actually go the 200 cheaper than the kit.  Plus, I can sell the left overs and bring down the cost to zero.  

When I bought this, the condition was pretty good. You can get a really good deal on these things.
This is the DR200 I got. It was supper clean. it will live on make other bikes awesome.
200 motor is a snap to replace. It is a bit taller.
The hardest part is finding a decent carburetor that not only fits,but works. This XR200 seems to be just the ticket.
Trying to figure out what carb and which intake manifold was a pain.
I had to eliminate the center wire harness on the 200. So trying to figure out how to get the kill switch to work, to a few weeks and a second oom.
Graphic kit from in Australia
i update the front brake cable so it's not the big long stock one. I used the late model line and RM85 fork guards, with CR85 bolts.
I hate this number plate.
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I hate this number plate.