Project TTR150

By Jerry Matta

I scored this TTR125 off a dream girl named Miranda who lives out in the Antelope Valley.  She's by far the best looking girl out there and the hottest TTR rider ever.  She had a lot of stuff done already; such as a 150 kit, small Pro-Wheels and believe or not, a set of forks from Blake Baggets old Pro-Circuit KX85.  I took off the forks for prosperity purposes, and used CR85 forks, added a Works shock, a set of big wheels, a one off (six month build) swingarm, BBR150 kit, (it came with a blown cylinder), XR200 carb, lightened flywheel, rev box, and some zinc parts and other odds and ends. 

TM Designworks Chain Guide and slider, BBR Pipe, Cradle
Rear Disc brake
It was stuck like this forever.
Nice view of my one off swingarm.
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Nice view of my one off swingarm.