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DMC 145cc Kitaco Conversion     

By Jerry Matta

             Well this is the kit, $1150 worth of horsepower.  I got from Ryan at MotoXworks in Costa Mesa, California (who now works for KYB and is the suspension guy of the top pros) .  He hooked me for a little better deal.  Basically, every dealer has to go through Classic Honda so it's kinda hard to get killer deals on any Kitaco stuff.  But Ryan did his best, basically his cost plus shipping.  The one note I would say about the motor is the tiny valves stems which is the weak link of the kit.  On the plus side, it makes the rev quicker and hit harder, but on the bad side the valves will break make the whole kit junk and your pocket book will be a whole more empty.  Personally I don't feel the trade off is worth it.  For two reasons: One, it's expensive to replace and two, I hate taken apart motors.  I have a separate article on this about grenading this kit.  But how is this on the track?  Combined with a Mikuni 26mm Kitaco carb the motor feels like a mini CRF250, except it revs better and doesn't need to be short shifted, so I guess it's better than a 250f.  The difference between a good running 120 and this motor is night and day.  It hits, pulls, and revs. Everything you could want in a motor.  So what's on the bike?  A Kitaco 26mm Mikuni car, DMC 4 step megaphone exhaust, CRF450 twin piston front caliper with steel braided line, XR400 oil cooler, IMS pegs, gold Excels, CRF150r mini high bars, and a multi-position top clamp.  All this is riding on Fineline Suspension.  Fineline is now located in Utah.

The Kit

Brand new in boxes.  I'm a happy camper. It feels like Christmas.


The crank is sweet, and seems lighter, but I didn't weigh it.  11mm longer stroke. 

Piston Comparison

Our old 120 piston vs. the super light 57mm piston.


This is the heart and soul of the kit.  Super light valves and a exhaust port the goes contrary to what how most people think of flow and power work in a motor.  However, Dave Miller have been talking about this for years.


Check out the difference in those valves!!!


This is what throws most people for a loop - - the tiny exhaust port.  I always see on forums how people want to port these things, but it's the opposite for horsepower.


Due to the instructions being in Japanese, you just have to look at the pictures and follow along.


Here's a good view of the size and height difference.

Oil Hole

This is the oil hole you have to drill to 2mm. 


The kit makes it feel like a mini 250f.  The power is so good.  Just incredible.

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