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I bet when you saw this you were probable thinking, "OK, a exhaust challenge or review." Nope.  This is what I experienced today.  So I had a bunch of things to do: Pick up a bike in Buena Park, stop by FMF in Compton (you read that right), go to Q&E in Anaheim to pick up a YZ100 cylinder, and stop by Pro-Circuit, then home.  Now I live in the IE of Southern California by all the local tracks. So when I have to drive down to those places I have to plan it out.  I left about 9:15am to miss traffic, but that didn't happen. It took me an hour and a half to get to Buena Park, which is usually a 40 minute drive or so.  But I got the bike and and a good chat with the owner.  Then it went down hill as I went to FMF.  The building was underwhelming to say the least.   But, whatever it's just a building.  So I went inside to buy a couple stickers for some KX100 silencers I had.  Inside was about as exciting as the outside.  It looked the the inside of a ghetto doctor's office.  Ugly couches with magazines scattered about on a table. Anyway, I ask the guy behind the glass if they sold retail and he said, "yeah" and showed him a picture of the silencers with the stickers.  They came to about $8.99.  So I went to pay for them and he said, there's a $20 minimum.  WTF????  So then I ask if the shirts they had on display where for sale, he said, "No, they are just for display".  Then, he asked if I wanted packing or more stickers and I felt extremely bamboozled. I drove an extra 20 minutes to get here and they are trying to get more money than I wanted to spend.  So I said, "forget it" and left.  I was extremely disappointed and it was already getting late and I didn't want to hit traffic on the way back, which was inevitable. So I picked up my head from Q&E and head and headed to Pro Circuit.  It was already getting late, about 1pm or so.  I've past Pro Circuit a million times, so I already knew the building was super nice.  What I wasn't prepared for happened inside.  When you walk in, you see a showroom of bikes that made motocross history, plus a ton of stuff for sale. Not to mention a restroom for those of us over 55.  Then I talked to the most helpful girl in the world.  She took a picture of my pictures to make sure so she could show them to the manager to make sure I got the right ones.  Then she offered me an assortment of them.  I walked around and look at everything and was pretty stoked.  So I picked up a shirt and gave it to her to ring up and she gave the stickers for free and said it was for positive vibes or something because it was hot outside.  I was so happy. It literally made my day!!! How many places have such good customer service that when you leave, you are twice as happy as when you came in?  So if this is a comparison, Pro-Circuit wins hands down. 

Ok, so today I gave FMF the benefit of the doubt and I tried to order the stickers on line.  So for two stickers that cost $3.99 each, the total bill came out to $31.47!!!! WTH???  $11.47 to ship two stickers?? I wasn't a big fan of theirs before, mainly because their mini pipes leave a lot to be desired.  But, now I'm just bitter with everything about them.  

Some a pics are mine, others are from the internet. (My pics weren't that good.)




You would never know what this place is from the street.  There are no signs or anything.  It looks like a DMV or something. 

McGrath's Peak 125

Who can forget this bike?

Bikes for days

When you walk in, you remember how dominant they were.


Display bike??


I forgot about these.

Pro Circuit HQ

This is an amazing place.  It's what you would expect from one of the most dominant race team since the early 90's.  

2 plates 1 bike?

Not sure of the story on this.

The King!

There's only one king of Supercross!!!

Walk in the past.

I've live in SoCal my whole life, but never came here.  Never even wanted to.  But, holy cow I'm glad I did.  You can't miss this part of moto history.


Just Rad!!

Part 2

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