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Project 1

DRZ 125

By Chris Alamangos

We turn the undesirable minibike, into a competitive Adult Mini Racer. 

In this drz125 build we gave ourselves a $1200 budget and that included the price of the bike. The bike cost was $250 and was blown up . It was delivered to us in different boxes. It’s pretty amazing what can be accomplished with some elbow grease and some imagination . Stage 1  (to be continued)

Project Minis

Project Minis

Watch Now

Day 2 . The goal he is to build this bike, with parts available to everyone, and the best way is on line ,with out a lot of hand built one off parts.  I have owned a lot of trick one off trick minibike ( pit bikes)  DMC,BBR, SPIKE, some very trick Ttr125 Xr100, KLX140 CRF150f / 280. But no Suzuki DRZ125 .  What makes this fun is ,you never see many or any DRZ125 at adult mini races.


Of course the bike wasn’t in great condition as the engine was blown up and the past owner had no idea or the means to repair it. The cylinder and head were ruined These engine parts cost the most and will hurt your wallet so shipping on line for a used one is the key..  once the bike is apart and in your garage. Another positive look at re-building a used bike is that it can be a great way to spend time with your daughter or sons in the garage. Some of my best memories as a young teen were helping my dad work on my bikes and getting to spend time with him, that I normally wouldn’t have if we didn’t have dirt bikes. . So I got started , pulling it apart.  Thinking how cool this is going to look.  Team Suzuki!!! . Yeah I know it just a play bike. Then” the swingarm bolt was frozen. Dam Texas winters.  So I stoped and went shopping on line.  Bam found a complete clean head of a Suzuki TL125 Atv $26.00 . It’s the shares the same motor.. so I started looking for cool stuff on line , there is not a hole lot of aftermarket parts available for the little Suzuki.  I know you can make the motor a massive 260 or something .  I’m concentrating on the stock suspension ,reliability and looks . I am calling it a night. .

Day 3

With a 3 day weekend  I spent some free time on line. I came across a cool 150cc big bore kit for a DRZ125 from vintageworks and he also  is a Hi -Point mx tire dealer and to find out he is local he in Texas . Which  I wanted to drive there that day,  I went to my shop to get started on my LT160 head. After I clean all the dirt and 10 year oil backed on it , I started laughing .”man look at the size of the valves and ports.  monsters” Compared to an Xr 100. or ttr125 I just call it a Hemi head. .   I got the ok to come and pick up the big bore kit and the HiPoint mini tires. It was 25 min drive. I pulled up to a small old barn that took like it was used into the movie worlds fastest Indian,  After spending 3hrs talking race talk . I noticed  a bench full of shock and forks I said do you work on suspension ? I have the stock shock of the DRZ and was thinking of using a cut down Honda Cr85 shock.  He said leave that  shock with me and I will make it work incredible. Just get some heavier springs from BBR.  Right before i stepped on snake getting in my van . I here a voice  “bring the forks to me too . Cool things are coming together.  I hope that deam snake didn’t go in my van. 

Week 2  

       Just got off the phone with BBR Dwayne Brown.  It seems like yesterday since we spoke, but it’s been a long time. It was good to catch up with the minibike parts specials.  After talking about old race days and projects; it was good to catch up with him. But, I found out they stopped making DRZ125 parts. But I did get some heavy fork springs, which was a big help, because I was waiting for Vintage Works to finish the forks. Speaking of Vintage Works, I did get a call from him saying the rear shock was no good, because the shaft was pitted. So the next thing was to look for a KX85 rear shock, which I heard through social media that the shock fits. In the meanwhile, I was busy painting frames getting stuff powder coated. The fun stuff.  The rear fender was broken, which I thought no big deal, there should be a million of them online used , but that wasn’t the case.  There’s none around here, so I have to bite the bullet and get one retailed. However, I was lucky cycle shack north in Conroe, Texas was a great help in locating one. 

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