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Sometimes the deal is just too good An eBay disaster.

Well I bought 2014 TTR125 with a Bunch of trick stuff such as: BBR cradle, chain guide, rear spring and pipe, Black wheels, and KX85 forks that belonged to Blake Baggett.  It's also had a ported head and this 150cc cylinder.  I got it at a good price because it had a knock and issues with a pink slip, which he said he would mail it to me, but never did.  People suck sometimes, even if the seem totally cool.  But anyway, I finally took it apart and both valves were bent and then I noticed a crack in the cylinder skirt. It was so thin, I could literally peel it away by hand.  It was paper thin.  What joke. I'm sure you've seen these on eBay.  Well, if you do, Don't Buy Them!!!!  They are a bored stock cylinder and painted gold.  It need's a whole resleeve, not just a bore.

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