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By Jerry Matta

Ok, after the fiasco I went through at FMF, I've been on a customer service kick.  But, there is good customer service and then their is out of this world customer service.  So the other day I had to pick up a 69/68 cam for my modified stocker 120cc I'm building.  All the ladies were super nice.  Yep ladies.  The owner's husband has been building race cars for 35 years and after watching her discuss some cams for a 1000 HP car, my mouth drop. They know everything.   So after I picked up my cam and wanted to leave, to my dismay, I locked my keys in my truck - - on a 106 degree day.  Well, the offered to call AAA, for me using their card and then gave me water, chips and dip, and brought me inside to eat pizza with them.  Holy cow!!! Who does that?  This happens in movies or in a small town (years ago), but this day and age?  Well, I am more than thankful to say the least.  My hats off to Web Cam!!

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